Miranda Tools

Drills: Hss Jobber, Stub, Long Series, Extra Long Series, Taper Shank, Reduced Shank Drills,Nc Spotting Drills, Centre Drills, Hss Cobalt 8% Jobber Drills For Aluminium, Hss Cobalt 8% Heavy Duty Jobber Drills, Hss Cobalt 8% Parabolic Flulte Jobber Drills & Jobber Drill Sets.

Toolbits: Hss Square , Round, Rectangular Tool Bits, Parting Tools, Engraving Tool Bits.

Endmills: Hss Endmills 2 Flute- Short Series & Regular Series, Hss End Mills 2 Flute- Ball Nose Short Series & Regular Series, Hss End Mills Multi Flute Regular & Long Series, Hss Multi Flute Roughing End Mills Regular & Long Series, Shell End Mills As Per Din 1880 & Specials.

Reamers: Hss Parallel Shank Hand & Chucking Reamers, Hss Taper Shank Chucking Reamers, Taper Shank Bridge Reamers, Taper Pin Hand Reamers, Shell Reamers As Per Din Standards And Specials.

Carbide Drill: Carbide Drill Jobber , Stub  Drill , Carbide Drill Carbide Drill Jobber, Stub  Drill, High-performance Drill 3xD, 5x D, 8 XD, Coolant Hole Drills   Step Drill, center drill, customised solutions.

Carbide End mill: 2f / 4 f  end mill  for 45/ 52/ 60 / 65 HRC  application ball nose end mill, Corner radius endmill  End mill for Aluminum and other Nonferrous materials Step end mill, Hole mill, Reamer as per customer drawing.

Carbide Burr : Tungsten carbide Burr  in all standard shape  Standard Cut / double cut/diamond cut / Alu cut  long and extra long carbide burr.

Miranda Tools (Tap Plant )

Taps: Manufactured As Per ISO, BS, DIN, JIS Standards.

Thread Forms: Metric- Coarse & Fine. BSW, BSF, UNC, UNF, BSP, BSPT, NPT, NPTF.

Varieties: Hand Taps, Machine Taps- Short & Long Shank, Spiral Pointed, Spiral Fluted, Nut & Nib Taps.

Size Range: 1 Mm To 100 Mm Equivalent In Imperial Sizes.

Miranda Tools (Saw Plant)

Hss Hand Hacksaw & Power Hacksaw Blades, Carbon Steel Bandsaw Blades, Bimetal Bandsaw Blades.